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Professional Course

Duration 2 Months

Digital marketing course for Working Professionals and Freelancers.

Just two simple facts for you:

1. Digital marketing certification can help increase your current salary by upto a 100% and also help you make a handsome passive income.

2. Digital marketing freelancers are one of the most sought after professionals in the world and earn anything between INR 10,000 to 1 Lac per month.

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The Professional Course is specially designed for working professionals and freelancers who would like to increase their salary, earn a passive income or become a freelancer by providing digital marketing services.

Coriolee Seal of Trust

Coriolee Seal of Trust

All our courses bear the Coriolee Seal of Trust Which stands for state of the art technology lead digital marketing training with 100% Student Satisfaction or else Money Back Guarantee.*

Course Highlights

The course content comprises of practical trainings imparted to click and mortar businesses so that they can increase their ROI substantially.

  • Introduction to Websites

    Learn about the best practices to make a business website and implement it in your business.

  • Freelancing

    Learn to give your services around the globe through the freelancer culture of work.

  • Content Writing

    Learn the knacks of writing the best content for your business and of writing content that sells.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Increase the visibility of your business website on the search engines to win more customers.

  • Google Adwords for business

    DIY tutorials to use Adwords to generate leads and promote your business through search and display advertising.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Learn how to generate an ominous presence on the social media to win new customers and engage with old ones.

  • Web Analytics

    Analyze your web traffic to find out potential improvement opportunities for your website.

  • Email Marketing

    Use email marketing to get qualified leads and nurture your cutomers.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Learn to create affiliates for your business, create your own affiliate marketing program and increase your business revenue.

  • Content Marketing

    Generate leads for your business and get improved search and social visibility by promoting your content to relevant mediums.

  • Digital Sales

    Gain knowledge on basic concepts of online advertising and online sales skills.

  • Mobile Websites

    Learn the basic and advanced aspects of mobile website design and development. Become a Google recognized mobile site expert.

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Comparison Between Digital Marketing and Other Professional Certifications
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What Our Students Say
  • Student
    Satyam Agrawal

    If you truely want to become a digital marketing professional then join Coriolee.

  • Student
    Gaurav Singh

    Digital marketing skills helped me get salary hike and I am truely thankful to Coriolee.

  • Student
    Harshal Mehta

    The professional course is the best digital marketing training you will ever get. I am now a digital marketig professional all thanks to Coriolee.

  • Student
    Akash Jawahar

    I am a full time freelancer and I can work whenever I can and wherever I can. The professional course is the best digital marketing training you will ever get.

  • Student
    Bhavyta Jawahar

    The professional course is good for you if you want to learn digital marketing as a skill. The certifications surely add a lot of value to my resume.

  • Student
    Ankur Shrivastava

    I am giving my PPC services all over the world and servicing clients overseas. All thanks to Coriolee!

  • Student
    Honey Sahu

    The class timings were so great that I did not have to sacrifice my work for my studies. Coriolee staff is so supportive. Thank you Coriolee!

  • Student
    Sourav Sobri

    I wanted to do something in my own city and now thanks to Coriolee I am working as a full time Freelancer providing digital marketing services to many clients.

  • Student
    Abhishek Thakur

    Already a freelancer, I wanted to explore digital marketing as a freelancing platform. Digital marketing pays really well than any other service that I used to offer as a Freelancer.

  • Student
    Aabhinay Tripati

    I always thought that I wanted to give something more to my clients and thanks to Coriolee I found what it that. Thank you!

  • Student
    Shravan Mehta

    As a working professional adding digital marketing as a skill has also helped me extablish a stronghold in any interview I give. It has also helped me strengthen my current position in my company.

  • Student
    Essan Das

    I am an MBA and thanks to the professional course, I have started getting better job opportunities than my peers who are not certified.

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