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Guru Plus (+) Course

100% Placement Security* Just After 3 Months Training

Pay in easy EMI's
Duration 3 Months

The Digital Marketing Guru Plus (+) course is the most comprehensive training course ever created for the digital marketing domain.

The course involves intensive theory and practical case study trainings on Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web analytics, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, etc.

The training consists of various modules imparted to the students in a well designed digital marketing curricullum.

After the completion of the course we arrange interviews for the students in various Digital Marketing companies.

Furthermore, the student can also opt to do Freelancing and earn his own source of income on his own terms.

After the 3 month training students are given 100% Placement Security*.

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The Guru Plus Course comes with a whole lot of benefits that will help you get awesome job opportunities in the digital marketing domain.

Coriolee Seal of Trust

Coriolee Seal of Trust

All our courses bear the Coriolee Seal of Trust Which stands for state of the art technology lead digital marketing training with 100% Student Satisfaction or else Money Back Guarantee.*

Highlights about our flagship Personality Transformation Bonus Module which comes with the Guru Plus Course for FREE!


Speech training classes to help you speak fluent English.
Interview cracking skills.
Resume making skills.
Out of the box thinking exercises.
The science of grooming.
Email writing skills.
Presentation skills, etc.

Course Highlights

The course content comprises of comprehensive theory and practical trainings that cover each and every aspect of digital marketing

  • Introduction to Websites

    Learn about the best practices to make a business website and implement it in your business.

  • Freelancing

    Learn to give your services around the globe through the freelancer culture of work.

  • Content Writing

    Learn the knacks of writing the best content for your business and of writing content that sells.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Increase the visibility of your business website on the search engines to win more customers.

  • Google Adwords

    DIY tutorials to use Adwords to generate leads and promote your business through search and display advertising.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Learn how to generate an ominous presence on the social media to win new customers and engage with old ones.

  • Web Analytics

    Analyze your web traffic to find out potential improvement opportunities for your website.

  • Email Marketing

    Use email marketing to get qualified leads and nurture your cutomers.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Learn to create affiliates for your business, create your own affiliate marketing program and increase your business revenue.

  • Content Marketing

    Generate leads for your business and get improved search and social visibility by promoting your content to relevant mediums.

  • Digital Sales

    Gain knowledge on basic concepts of online advertising and online sales skills.

  • Mobile Websites

    Learn the basic and advanced aspects of mobile website design and development. Become a Google recognized mobile site expert.

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What Our Students Say
  • Inderdeep Mehta
    Prashant Jain

    Now I know how to promote my business digitally and sell my products online. Thanks to Coriolee.

  • Sachin Sahu
    Sachin Sahu

    After learning from Coriolee, I plan on getting more clients from the digital cosmos. The teachers are really helpful and are thorough professionals.
    Real Estate

  • Dheeraj verma
    Dheeraj verma

    Through digital marketing, I am able to secure more admissions and my ROI has substantially increase. I highly recommend this Course.

  • Inderdeep Mehta
    Inderdeep Mehta

    Thanks to Coriolee I was able to handle the digital marketing operations of my business. Now I am getting about 50% more business than I used to get before,.
    Packers and Movers

  • Student
    Satyam Agrawal

    If you truely want to become a digital marketing professional then join Coriolee.

  • Student
    Gaurav Singh

    Digital marketing skills helped me get salary hike and I am truely thankful to Coriolee.

  • Student
    Harshal Mehta

    The professional course is the best digital marketing training you will ever get. I am now a digital marketig professional all thanks to Coriolee.

  • Student
    Akash Jawahar

    I am a full time freelancer and I can work whenever I can and wherever I can. The professional course is the best digital marketing training you will ever get.

  • Student
    Shivani Thakur

    Passive income is the best kind of income and learnt making it here at Coriolee.

  • Student
    Bhavyta Jawahar

    The professional course is good for you if you want to learn digital marketing as a skill. The certifications surely add a lot of value to my resume.

  • Student
    Ankur Shrivastava

    I am giving my PPC services all over the world and servicing clients overseas. All thanks to Coriolee!

  • Student
    Honey Sahu

    The class timings were so great that I did not have to sacrifice my work for my studies. Coriolee staff is so supportive. Thank you Coriolee!

  • Student
    Abhishek Thakur

    Already a freelancer, I wanted to explore digital marketing as a freelancing platform. Digital marketing pays really well than any other service that I used to offer as a Freelancer.

  • Student
    Aabhinay Tripati

    I always thought that I wanted to give something more to my clients and thanks to Coriolee I found what it that. Thank you!

  • Student
    Shravan Mehta

    As a working professional adding digital marketing as a skill has also helped me extablish a stronghold in any interview I give. It has also helped me strengthen my current position in my company.

  • Student
    Anchal Singh

    Coriolee has the best faculties, best environment, best teachers and teaching methodology. All this and now I have a passive income source. Thanks.

  • Student
    Prashanti Tiwari

    Thanks to the Millionaire module! Now I have started earning a passive income and well in the path of becoming a millionaire.

  • Student
    Siddharth Dubey

    The millionaire module is the one and only course that helped me generate a passive income. Thanks to Coriolee for all the support.

  • Student
    Poorvi Sahu

    I love the millionaire module! It has helped me jump start my millionaire dreams.

  • Student
    Akash Sharma

    Now I have become my own boss and started earning a handsome passive income. Thanks to Coriolee and its faculties.

  • Student
    Suyash Tiwari

    Coriolee helped me secure placements in 7 digital marketing companies. I am forever indebted to Coriolee.
    Placed in :Big B ,Souce Stream ,Sokrati , Ensight ,WebConnet , Impact Guru ,WebKonnect

  • Student
    Amra Ali

    In today's world skills do matter. I completed the Guru Course and I got placed in two companies.
    Placed in :Source Stream, Ensight

  • Student
    Tripti Sharma

    I did Guru Course from Coriolee after I did my MBA from Pune. I am truely satisfied with the study materials and the faculties.
    Currently : YouTube Content Creator and proud owner of her own channel.
    Placed in :Ensight

  • Student
    Vinay Jain

    I never thought digital marketing can help me secure such a great career. Thanks to Coriolee, now I am a full time working professional. I got a great start from Coriolee. Thank you very much.
    Placed in :TradeIndia | Executive

  • Student

    Never have I ever come across such an institute which is so thorough in all aspects. Coriolee has changed my life for good.I highly recommend this course. Thank you Coriolee !
    Placed in : Trade India

  • Student
    Manish Soni

    Digital Marketing Guru course has really helped me a lot in shaping my career in the Digital Marketing field. Under the guidance of experts, I have gained great deal of exposure on the various modules like SEM, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing etc. Along with the classroom training, the month long internship was a great way to apply the concepts in real time scenarios.
    Placed in :TradeIndia | Executive

  • Student
    Pooja Gupta

    As a passionate learner, I have always been fond of exploring new things. Getting a job which deals with ads perked my interest in digital marketing. Initially I was confused about which institute to join. After analysing each institute based on how they were marketing themselves.I decided to join Coriolee and thank god i was right. Thank you Coriolee for fulfiling my dreams.
    Placed in : Trade India

  • Student
    Piyush Prajapati

    I had always thought of writing a review for Coriolee but never got time. And today when I start writing I have collected so many memories and experiences with Coriolee that words will fall short to describe this institution. If I go by adjectives only, Coriolee is pro-active, thoughtful, responsible, and sophisticated. Thank you very very much Coriolee.
    Placed in :Sanda Hotel | Digital Marketing Executive

  • Student
    Swyam Dubey

    Coriolee is a platform to enhance the prospects of your professional career. I took the Guru course and I have to tell you that it was a great experience and goes a long way in making the Professional CV better. As a student of Coriolee,
    Placed in :TradeIndia | Executive

  • Student
    Mayank Mukesh

    I never though that digital marketing could be so fulfilling. I got placed in 3 companies just after my course finished.
    Placed in :Kragos and Trade India

  • Student
    Rahul Gupta

    Not only Coriolee helped me get settled as far as my career is concerned but also gave me an opportunity to enter in this industry.
    Placed in :Mehta Packers and Movers | Digital Marketer

  • Student
    Deelip Tiwari

    I remember that before joining Coriolee, I had lost all hope of getting employed. I struggled with personality problems and I had no knowledge of any subject. Thanks to Coriolee and digital marketing, now I am full time employed and I have a career.
    Placed in :Airtel Money

  • Student
    Arfan Khan

    Thanks to Coriolee! Now I have a full time job and a career to boast for.
    Placed in :Trade India

  • Student
    Sourav Sobri

    I wanted to do something in my own city and now thanks to Coriolee I am working as a full time Freelancer providing digital marketing services to many clients.

  • Student
    Essan Das

    I am an MBA and thanks to the professional course, I have started getting better job opportunities than my peers who are not certified.

  • Student
    Manpreet Kaur

    Not only Coriolee has made me an expert in digital marketing but also helped me secure a job in my home town. I will be forever grateful to Coriolee.
    Placed in :Deepika Classes

  • Student
    Chitra Singh

    Getting a behind the scenes advantage from Leadpages' proven and up-to-date methods helped generate 3x the quality leads on one landing page alone.
    Placed in :Guns For Glory | Project HeadTradeIndia

  • Student
    Anshul Shrivastava

    I learnt digital marketing from Coriolee and now I am full time employed and working in my hometown. Things could not have been better. Thank you Coriolee!
    Placed in :Kragos | Digital Marketer

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