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Click and Mortar for Business

15,000 /-
Duration 1.5 Months

Tailor Made Digital Marketing Course for Business Owners

100% businesses market themselves on the internet to increase their ROI.

You can learn this course, if you want to increase your business ROI by upto 500% through digitally marketing your business on the internet.

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The Click and Mortar Course is the one and only course that is designed specifically for business owners like you.

Plus, we'll throw in some bonus topics to the Click and Mortar Course specially for you!


Using affiliate marketing to generate online brand ambassadors for your business.
Joining affiliate networks.
Creating your own affiliate network
Become a seller on Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba.
Finding products to sell on Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba.
Navigating your seller profile on Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba.
Making big trades on Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba.

Course Highlights

The course content comprises of practical trainings imparted to click and mortar businesses so that they can increase their ROI substantially.

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    Course Highlights
    Business Website Nuances

    Learn about the best practices to make a business website and implement it in your business.

  • Business Website Nuances
    Email Marketing

    Use email marketing to get qualified leads and nurture your cutomers.

  • Email Marketing
    Content Marketing

    Use the power of content to generate lifelong publicity and automatic lead generation for your business.

  • Content Marketing
    Search Engine Optimization

    Increase the visibility of your business website on the search engines to win more customers.

  • Adwords for Business

    DIY tutorials to use Adwords to generate leads and promote your business through search and display advertising.

  • Adwords for Business
    Social Media Marketing

    Learn how to generate an ominous presence on the social media to win new customers and engage with old ones.

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What Our Students Say
  • Sachin Sahu
    Sachin Sahu

    After learning from Coriolee, I plan on getting more clients from the digital cosmos. The teachers are really helpful and are thorough professionals.
    Real Estate

  • Inderdeep Mehta
    Inderdeep Mehta

    Thanks to Coriolee I was able to handle the digital marketing operations of my business. Now I am getting about 50% more business than I used to get before,.
    Packers and Movers

  • Inderdeep Mehta
    Prashant Jain

    Now I know how to promote my business digitally and sell my products online. Thanks to Coriolee.

  • Dheeraj verma
    Dheeraj verma

    Through digital marketing, I am able to secure more admissions and my ROI has substantially increase. I highly recommend this Course.

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